Civil Infrastructure

The Department is headed by Engr. Lawan G. Datti MNSE        Director Civil Infrastructure

The staff of the Department

  1. Engr. Ibrahim Idris MNSE, R.Engr.          Deputy Director
  2. Engr. Munnir Nuhu MNSE, R.Engr.          Principal Engineer
  3. Engr. Amana Jaafar MNSE, R.Engr.          Principal Engineer
  4. Yahaya Nasir Ahmad                                      Senior Engineer
  • Ensure post contract Documentation from MDA’s with regard to the Civil Engineering related project as approved by the State Executive Council
  • Routing inspection of Civil Engineering related projects
  • Preparation of monthly progress report on Civil Engineering related projects for onward submission to the Planning Department for Publication
  • Joint Valuation and certification on application by the client
  • Review of RETC documents jointly with Planning Department for guidance