Planning, Research and Statistics

Monitor the price of tendered items

Undertake procurement research and survey

Check proposed contracts subject to thresholds set by the State Due Process Manual for compliance

Register and Categories Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers

Prepare and update standard bidding and contract documents

Prevent fraudulent and unfair procurement and where necessary recommend appropriate disciplinary action

Review the procurement and award of contract procedures of every entity

Perform procurement audit on project within the threshold of MDAs

To participate in all the bid opening exercises and regularly conduct Due Diligence on procurement advertisement placed by organization to ensure compliance with Due Process Manual

To review for compliance the provision, adequacy and effectiveness of established process for the procurement of Works, Good and Services by the procuring entities

Managing and negotiating with consultants and contractors on behalf of the government

Continue engagement with Donor Agencies in the implementation of assisted programmes and support for each others’ activities particularly related to procurement reforms

Involve professional bodies in appropriate areas of their operations especially on adjudication where they are to chair the panels

To provide coverage of the Bureau’s activities on the State Government Projects and Programmes via Television/Radio stations and online media

Monitor Tender and Bidding processes in all the State MDAs to ensure compliance with approved standard

Liaise with other relevant Due Process Units at MDA levels to ensure they operate procurement within the scope of the streamlined rates/practices

Promote professional ethic and the doctrine of Best Practice in public sector procurement/works through observance of deviation and report same to the relevant authorities for appropriate remedy

Monitor prices of tendered items and provide price database advisory services to guide procurement

Free consultancy services to public sector MDAs on projects and procurement

Public enlightenment on public procurement issues

Saddled to handle Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with a view to achieving between P.Es and Contractors